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Formally verified security audits at the click of a button

Advanced analysis of your code, giving you an audit more comprehensive than any human auditors. Our formal verification guarantees the highest level of security for your contracts. Learn more

Gain peace of mind with your security today

Intelligent automation with both rigor and speed

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Formal Verification

You don’t have the energy to worry about a missing unit test. You don’t have the time to wait 6 months for a good audit. You don't want to waste time learning a new language.

DeepReason automatically checks all ways funds can be stolen, helping your engineers every step of the way.

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Security Checks
Throughout Development

You don’t want your engineering team to be idle while you wait for security audits. With DeepReason, perform audit-level checks at all stages of development.

It is easy to connect DeepReason with your favorite
CI/CD and version control tools.

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Real-time Safeguards
for Live Deployments

From integrating with new tokens to working with upgradeable contracts, there are tons of new security risks that can pop up while your contract is live.

DeepReason constantly validates your contract security against the newest state of the blockchain. If there is a new risk, you will be notified and your contract can be paused.

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Stop spending tens of thousands of dollars on auditors

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